Total Custody Control

LoJack Supply Chain Integrity provides total custody control for cargo and assets that comprise:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Covert Tracking
  • Chain-of-custody
  • Environmental sensing
  • 24/7 Monitoring and event based alert notification
  • Law enforcement dispatch
  • Informational services for the supply chains of retailers, shippers, and logistic companies

LoJack SCI integrates best-of-breed technologies using our LoJack InTransit platform.

LoJack SCI solutions may be standard or involve professional services to create custom capabilities for the client and their partners.


Control your Supply Chain Threats


Supply chain threats are everywhere.  Broken links in a supply chain are one of the top three threats to business operations.

It's estimated that billions of dollars in merchandise is stolen from cargo ships, ports, highways, railroads, and cargo yards each year. That's quite an impact to those businesses and consumers. With your brand reputation on the line, you must consider the best protection for your supply chain.



SC iOn Command

SC iOn Command is an intelligent web based platform with a flexible and advanced user interface that provides:

  • Real-time cargo location AND environmental condition.
  • Sophisticated rules-based protocols, alerts & interdiction.
  • Proactive alerts of location or condition breaches.
  • SC iOn Command Center with SC iOn Guard.
  • Fully-integrated Law Enforcement database (US).
  • International network coverage on a single web application with mobile support.


SC iOn Guard

Our monitoring and support center provides a 24/7/365 full-service monitoring solution for your supply chain or can be a backup to your operations.



Control your Supply Chain Awareness



Supply Chain Information Sharing and Analysis Center (SC-ISAC)

Membership provides the only federally sanctioned source of information on threats to your supply chain and cargo. SC-ISAC subscribers receive alerts, weekly bulletins, live maps and more to help them make more intelligent cargo security decisions.


Supply Chain Asset Protection

Qualified partners with expertise in supply chain protection and risk mitigation can provide a range of services, including site assessments, training, surveillance, investigations, and more.



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