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Risk: Stationary Cargo

Do you know how long your shipment stops at a truck stop, rest stop, and/or alongside the road?

Solution: LoJack SCI provides a Covert/ Embedded Tracking Solution in the shipment to receive a notification via email or a text message that lets you know if the shipment sits longer than the allotted time with date and address. Set a geo-fence around drop lots or trailer yards and know when your asset moves.  Be alerted when the shipment has moved after being stationary and make sure the right driver is moving it.

Event Based Alerts

Do you have a record when the shipment has left the point of origin and when it has arrived at its final destination?  When it exits a predetermined route?

Solution:  LoJack SCI provides a Covert/ Imbedded Tracking Solution in with the products to receive a notification when it has left the point of origin and when it arrives at the destination.  Be notified when it has crossed a 'No Stop Zone' from point of origin. Provide a notification when it is near its final destination (i.e. 100 miles from destination) to alert the receiving team to prep for receipt of the shipment.  We can also alert when the goods leave a predetermined route and make the calls needed to confirm status.

Compliance Management

Do you know in real time if a refrigerated shipment temperature has breached its upper and lower temperature threshold (i.e. 2° to 8° Celsius) while in transit?

Solution: LoJack SCI provides Cargo Condition Sensing Solutions with sensors in with products in order to receive an alert via email or text message when the temperature has breached the user-defined compliance parameters.


Real Time Chain-Of-Custody … any Mode of Transit

Do you know in real time the temperature of a reefer while traveling across the ocean?                         

Solution:  LoJack SCI provides Reefer Container Tracking and Sensing Solutions from the container with a temperature probe inside the container providing real time sensing.  We can communicate via satellite while on the water.  Automatically be notified and switch back to cellular when it is within a few miles of port.  We'll monitor products while in transit to its final destination providing end-to-end chain of custody control.

Your business relies on a secure supply chain, ensuring your investment, commitments and reputation.  Learn more about protecting your supply chain with the most trusted name in recovery at LoJackSCI.com. 

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