Impact of Cargo Theft

Loss of control of goods in the supply chain creates a chain reaction of instability throughout your entire business enterprise, much like a "domino effect".   The disruption of the supply chain impacts not only all areas of your business, but also, the economy as a whole.  Some of the areas impacted by disruption of the supply chain include:


  • Security and Risk Management
  • Quality, Compliance, Regulatory
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory and Supplier Management
  • Financial and Economical
  • Brand Impact
  • Customer Care and End Customer Satisfaction
  • Legal and Ethical


Security and Risk Management

Cargo thieves often operate in a network of criminal organized activity. Through the years, statistics have shown, that certain areas are more prone to cargo theft activity than others.  Additionally, cargo thieves are continuously honing their skills to come up with new and improved ways to steal your cargo, making it imperative to manage the risk in your supply chain.  Having visibility to known risks areas and threat zones provides you the ability to proactively manage and monitor your assets and cargo in high risk areas.


Quality, Compliance and Regulatory

The rejection of goods by the retailer or end consumer, due to lack of quality, can result in substantial cost to your business.  The transport of goods that are required to meet specific compliance and regulatory guidelines are a special concern in the supply chain.  The ability to retrieve real-time data as to the location and environmental conditions of your cargo help maintain those guidelines. 


Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Getting from "Point A" to "Point B" is drastically impacted by cargo theft.  There is a cost involved in re-scheduling and re-routing in order to meet demand while managing the cost of lost goods and efficiency.  


Inventory and Supplier Management

The loss of required supplies, results in delays and costs to production.


Financial and Economical

Every cost breakdown through the supply chain route is a cost passed along to the next point in the supply chain, resulting in increased cost at each stage of the supply chain.


Brand Impact

The public awareness, image and other relationship costs are possibly the most critical impact to any company. When theft happens, stolen product is then possibly reintroduced into the supply chain through illegitimate channels out of the control of the brand owner. These products may have been tampered with and most certainly affect price, all impacting your end using consumers and channel partners.


Customer Care and End Consumer Satisfaction 

Consequences to a company may be dire, whether it is an empty retail shelf, a patient remaining in need, the scheduling of resources or other effects due to lack of supply chain consistency and reliability.  Additionally, supply chain breakdowns result in a higher cost for the end consumer.


Legal and Ethical

There are legal and ethical concerns for reintroduction of goods into the supply chain.

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