Why LoJack SCI

It’s estimated that billions of dollars in merchandise are at risk annually while in transit on cargo ships, highways, railroads and in ports or freight yards. That’s quite an impact to both businesses and consumers. With your valuable brand reputation on the line, considering the best protection and performance for your supply chain is critical. 

LoJack SCI combines the latest technology of tracking and recovery solutions with comprehensive monitoring along with a full suite of services delivering the most reliable supply chain solution on the market.

Armed with technology and industry proven programs, LoJack SCI provides 24/7 monitoring with managed security within every step of the supply chain process; an unmatched GPS RF beacon technology integrated into the covert cargo solutions provides "last mile visibility" to track in route or if theft occurs, assist in recovery. Combined with the most unique relationship with law enforcement to achieve the fastest response to loss of control of your product while in transit. 

Through LoJack SCI, every solution is customized. Services can be bundled or unbundled based on your specific needs. 

Broken links in a supply chain are one of the top three threats to business operations and continuity in keeping customer’s promises. Your business relies on a secure supply chain delivery, ensuring your investments, commitments and reputations. 


SCI Security

Cargo theft has been a boom for organized crime and is international in scope. It’s a lucrative business because shipment security tends to be lax, and the opportunity is low-risk and high-reward.

Criminal penalties are small even for those that are caught, and district attorneys are often unwilling to prosecute due to the difficulty of proving the crime. Many times, smaller companies will not report the cargo security breakdown at all to avoid bad publicity, leaving insurance companies to pay it off instead, and the perpetrators to walk free.

LoJack SCI created the concept of embedded covert tracking of cargo with 24/7 monitoring. Using event-based protocols, LoJack SCI proactively protects goods in transit while providing superior visibility and reliability in the supply chain. This proven program enables full chain-of-custody control to our enterprise clients. 

LoJack SCI offers the most complete supply chain protection solution in the industry, with a total integrated solution. From information sharing and analysis to investigative intelligence to chain-of-custody and control to covert monitoring and recovery, LoJack SCI offers its diverse community of clients the assurance of cargo security.



SCI Logistics

LoJack SCI believes visibility of your products is much more valuable than the assets moving them. It is the goods that flow through numerous entities in the supply chain that move from one asset to another and that all functional schedules are focused upon.  

Functions such as inventory management, procurement, manufacturing, sales or customer service  as well as external supply and customer partners. Having full visibility and the ability to send event-based notifications to various functions and partners can enhance productivity and reduce costs. 

Do you know:

  • When the product departed the origin?
  • When the product is nearing destination?
  • When the product arrived at waypoint or destination?
  • What is the current location of the product?
  • How long has the product been stationary?
  • If the product is on the right route?
  • Who performed the move and when?
  • If the chain-of-custody rules are being followed?
  • If quality and compliance rules are being followed?

Through event-based protocols that are monitored 24/7, the LoJack SCI systems ensure cargo and shipments keep integrity and are following business rules and documented processes. With managed security at every step in the supply chain through each tendering point, your customizable program will fit your supply chain needs.


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