Every Industry has a Supply Chain


Supply Chain Integrity

Supply Chain Integrity is the process of evaluating the exposure of your supply chain,  and then, neutralizing those risks to ensure the safety and quality of your cargo, provide visibility throughout your supply chain, and maximize cost containment in the process. Maintaining integrity in your supply chain encompasses all key business functions, including operations, quality compliance, environmental, financial and economics.  Keeping your supply chain free from being compromised or interrupted protects the integrity of the brand, minimizes costs due to loss or damage, and ensures an assured delivery to the end consumer.


Supply Chain Management

For many businesses, supply chain management is the heart and soul of the company’s success. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the management and integration of all key business functions that touch any portion of the supply chain.  Having a competitive SCM infrastructure is a key element to maintaining supply chain integrity.  LoJack InTransit can integrate with existing SCM tools to provide a level of visibility and security in your supply chain not otherwise available. 


Supply Chain Disruption

The ripple effect of lost goods up and down the supply chain can cause much higher inventory costs, rework costs, lot or recall issues and overall supply shortages.



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