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SCI Services and Solutions

LoJack SCI's Services and Solutions are designed to provide real-time visibility, business validation and compliance, increased supply chain performance, risk mitigation and complete efficiency. For more information on SCI Services and Solutions, please click here.


SC iOn Guard

A 24/7 fully staffed monitoring command center established to respond to any deviation while your shipments are in transit.  Using current technology combined with the SC iOn Command platform to create critical alerts, events and notifications, SC iOn Guard provides the assurances necessary to improve overall integrity of your goods.  We provide full governance of your supply chain, real-time intervention and prevention, increased dependability and complete reputation management.  


SC iOn Demand

Designed to provide after hours monitoring during vulnerable times when full compliance and protection is needed. This service allows you to supplement protocols and procedures provided by your current staff when they are away from the office.  This is a layered approach to your overall protection. 


SC iOn Call

Proactive protection with available Law Enforcement dispatch 24/7.  Leveraging a comprehensive data base of Law Enforcement contacts developed over a decade. 


SC iOn Information Services

Full integration flow with current Transportation Management Systems and ERP systems including vital shipment information. Provides a seamless flow of shipping data including current location and status.  This critical information can be shared with current customers about their shipment status, update your organization of approximate ETA, and maintain real-time awareness while cargo is in transit.  Documented API's available.


SC iOn Course

A driver validation service registering events while en-route to destination.  A layered approach to security and protection combined with covert technology solutions validating business rules adherance.  Drivers call into the SC iOn Command center with current information status providing an additional layer of integrity.  


SC iOn Over the Road Solutions

LoJack SCl’s Over-the-Road solutions provide secure in transit technology combined with 24/7/365 monitoring service optimizing all levels of supply chain visibility, validation, performance, risk mitigation, and efficiency, ensuring cargo delivery. Our over-the-road solutions provide different levels of visibility and validation depending on the type of service level required.  Our solutions can be maintained on premise or provided as a managed service offering.  We offer covert, embedded solutions, electronic bolts and single use solutions.


SC iOn Air Integrity

LoJack SCl’s Air Integrity solution provides secure transit, temperature thresholds, environmental sensing, and 24/7/365 monitoring solutions to optimize all levels of air cargo supply chain performance. Air Integrity allows you to track time sensitive and precious cargo in transit.  Our Air Integrity solution allows users to utilize real-time tracking on air cargo with a device accepted by individual air cargo carriers. Air Integrity offers environmental sensor tracking for light, temperature and shock. 


SC iOn Container

LoJack SCI, in collaboration with Contguard, is offering the industry’s most comprehensive service to assure that imported and exported goods arrive safely and securely. The worry and hassle of purchasing, deploying, and monitoring tracking devices are a thing of the past. LoJack SCI Container Security Service, powered by Contguard, eliminates the need. This service is designed to help our clients meet Tier 3 C-TPAT requirements, enabling Fast Lane eligibility, reduced risk scores, and fewer disruptive examinations.


SC iOn Business Intelligence

SC iOn Business Intelligence includes the Supply Chain Information Sharing & Analysis Center (SC- ISAC), LoJack SCI is proud to maintain the Supply Chain ISAC. Members of the SC-ISAC have access to relevant and current industry data on cargo theft and events across the nation. As well as CargoNet the cargo theft prevention and recovery network



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