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September 15, 2009 | FORNEY, TX

Risk & Insurance Magazine Cites Furtado as “Impressive” for Creative Risk Mitigation; Designated As One of Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Leaders

LoJack Supply Chain Integrity, developers of a first-of-its-kind, integrated solution that reduces and manages risk throughout the supply chain, today announced that Robert Furtado, the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, has been named a 2009 Risk Innovator by Risk & Insurance Magazine and was one of nine Risk Innovator Award recipients chosen as a Responsibility Leader.

The Risk Innovator Award is based on Furtado’s role in developing an innovative, out-of-the-box risk management solution for the Commercial On-Highway Security Market. Specifically, Furtado was awarded for his role in helping to develop LoJack Supply Chain Integrity InTransit, which provides the technology, intelligence and support necessary for a visible, secure and reliable supply chain operation. What makes LoJack Supply Chain Integrity InTransit so innovative is that it not only integrates the right technology into the right application to help safeguard cargo, it also can work in tandem with the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System, which adds an unprecedented layer of protection for trucks and trailers.

The designation of Responsibility Leader honors Risk Innovator Award winners who have fulfilled certain criteria, including developing a risk solution that is both unique and practical; ensuring that the solution benefits the community as well as the recipient’s company; and overcoming obstacles by doing what is right—rather than what is convenient.

“I am honored to be named both a 2009 Risk Innovator and a Responsibility Leader, but really feel that our entire development group should be recognized,” said Furtado. “This award is a validation from within the industry that our solution is truly a much needed answer to the growing problem of the cargo, truck and trailer theft, which is a great threat to the supply chain.”

Furtado’s Innovative Approach

In 2004 Supply Chain Integrity began developing a product that would help track and recover cargo that was stolen on the nation’s highways. As a start-up, the company had limited resources to develop a solution for this critical supply chain issue. To solve the problem, Robert Furtado – through his leadership position in the company –helped forge an alliance with LoJack Corporation in 2006, the leading provider of recovery systems for stolen mobile assets. By 2008, LoJack had become a majority shareholder.

Furtado worked tirelessly with LoJack to develop a solution merging the original Supply Chain Integrity product and services with LoJack’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery System. He also worked to leverage LoJack’s unique and long-standing relationship with law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. and integrated that with LoJack Supply Chain Integrity’s own multi-agency law enforcement recovery network and database. The combination of these two resources creates a formidable solution that no other company can duplicate.

About Risk & Insurance Magazine

Risk & Insurance® provides business executives and insurance professionals with the insight, information and strategies they need to mitigate challenging business risks. We keep our readers current on a wide variety of business risks and mitigation strategies — from insurance, employee benefits and alternative risk transfer to emerging risks and the strategies for addressing them.

About LoJack Supply Chain Integrity

LoJack Supply Chain Integrity is the only company that provides a total integrated solution for supply chain protection—from information sharing and analysis to investigative intelligence to covert monitoring and recovery—making its solution the most complete in the industry. LoJack Supply Chain Integrity is building an extensive, diverse community of members—from private industry to law enforcement—who for the first time have a platform to share information and combat supply chain threats, making the company a powerful force in the market. Founded in 2004 as Supply Chain Integrity, the company was renamed LoJack Supply Chain Integrity following an investment from LoJack Corporation (NASDAQ: LOJN) in 2008. At that time LoJack became a majority shareholder in the company, bringing its venerable brand’s resources, recovery expertise and law enforcement relationships to this innovative, emerging company. Visit


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