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November 23, 2009 | FORNEY, TX

LoJack SCI InTransit Protects Cargo throughout Global Supply Chain – From Point of Origin to Point of Destination, Across Land, Air and Sea

LoJack Supply Chain Integrity, developers of a first-of-its-kind, integrated solution that reduces and manages risk throughout the supply chain, took a major step forward by launching its next generation LoJack SCI InTransit solution. This breakthrough system delivers a global cargo protection solution that provides 24/7 visibility for shipments as they move through the international supply chain – from point of origin to point of destination, across land, air and sea. It is the only comprehensive system that enables businesses to control the various and complex aspects of cargo in-transit through a single user interface, while also providing complete monitoring support and recovery capabilities.

“This groundbreaking product clearly sets us apart from competitors in our industry,” said Robert Furtado, President and CEO, LoJack Supply Chain Integrity. “No other company has this combination of offerings that can protect and provide visibility of cargo across the entire supply chain, whether it is on land, in the air or at sea; and from theft and environmental conditions.”

Solving the Business Problem of Today’s Complex Supply Chain:In today’s global economy, products are frequently manufactured on one continent and shipped to another for consumption. This extended supply chain and transit operation includes multiple modes of transportation, crossing continents and countries, plus a complex customs process. Generally, the cargo travels in adverse conditions, unmonitored, is subject to delays, sensitive environmental conditions, possible tampering and theft.

The customizable LoJack SCI InTransit system delivers unmatched flexibility and control over shipments moving through this complex supply chain. The system can be customized to meet the specific needs of customers to protect goods across any combination of transportation modes. The solution’s tracking device can be embedded in the cargo and/or installed on the trailer or container door to detect and protect against intrusion.

LoJack SCI InTransit uses a combination of GPS, cellular GPS, DGPS and Radio Frequency (when appropriate) to ensure continuous tracking. Customers have the option to integrate satellite communications (SatComm) technology while at sea or on railways for coverage in remote locations.

LoJack SCI InTransit offers customers 24/7/365 visibility into the location and condition of their shipment through the entire chain of custody. The system also enables users to set up parameters and receive alerts in the event that negative or challenging conditions – such as too much humidity, tampering or an intrusion – take place, which enables them to make key decisions to preserve the integrity of the cargo. For recovery, LoJack SCI InTransit benefits from LoJack’s long-standing relationship with law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. and its own extensive multi-agency law enforcement database and recovery network.

This next generation solution will enhance a company’s participation in the Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), the voluntary government-business initiative designed to strengthen and improve overall international supply chain and U.S. border security, which helps organizations to expedite the movement of cargo through ports and customs.

LoJack SCI’s Partnership and Systems Integration Agreement with OnAsset LoJack Supply Chain Integrity recently signed a partnership and systems integration agreement with OnAsset Intelligence, a leader in innovative machine-to-machine technology and services. With this agreement LoJack Supply Chain Integrity will incorporate technology from OnAsset into its next generation LoJack SCI InTransit solution.

“OnAsset’s unique modular device design and engineering expertise enables LoJack SCI InTransit to be a customizable solution that meets a variety of needs,” said Adam Crossno, President and CEO of OnAsset Intelligence. “We are pleased to support an offering that is like none other in global cargo protection.”

Availability: Customers can configure the solution by selecting the transportation modes and sensor applications that meet their needs. Purchase and lease options are available. The embedded in-cargo modules for highway, rail and flight are available immediately. The modules for protection at sea and container and trailer doors will be available in Q1 2010. For more information, please call 1-800-616-8581 or e-mail

About LoJack Supply Chain Integrity

LoJack Supply Chain Integrity is the only company that provides a total integrated solution for supply chain protection—from information sharing and analysis to investigative intelligence to chain of custody and control to covert monitoring and recovery—making its solution the most complete in the industry. LoJack Supply Chain Integrity is building an extensive, diverse community of members—from private industry to law enforcement—who for the first time have a platform to share information and combat supply chain threats, making the company a powerful force in the market. Founded in 2004 as Supply Chain Integrity, the company was renamed LoJack Supply Chain Integrity following an investment from LoJack Corporation (NASDAQ: LOJN) in 2008. At that time LoJack became a majority shareholder in the company, bringing its venerable brand’s resources, recovery expertise and law enforcement relationships to this innovative, emerging company. Visit


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