The LoJack Family

LoJack SCI was founded in 2004 as Supply Chain Integrity and following an investment from LoJack Corporation in 2008 was renamed LoJack Supply Chain Integrity (LoJack SCI). At that time, LoJack became a majority shareholder in the company, bringing its venerable brand's resources, recovery expertise and law enforcement relationships to SCI.                                                       

SCI and LoJack Corporation's relationship and combined solutions offer customers the right technology, intelligence and support needed to create a visible, secure and reliable supply chain operation.      

Our parent company, LoJack Corporation, is the premier worldwide provider of tracking and recovery systems. The company created the stolen vehicle recovery category and has since earned a reputation as the proven global leader in that market segment.  Today, LoJack’s core business comprises the tracking and recovery of a variety of valuable mobile assets.

Additionally, LoJack is expanding and diversifying its business into newer, emerging markets through licensing agreements and investments that deliver innovative offerings in areas such as cargo security and people at risk.  Go To


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