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Our Air Integrity solutions provide secure transit, temperature thresholds, environmental sensing and 24/7 monitoring solutions to optimize all levels of air cargo supply chain performance.  For more information on Air Integrity solutions, please click here.

Air Integrity is LoJack SCI’s newest addition!  Now, track time sensitive and precious cargo in transit…in the air! Our Air Integrity solution allows users to utilize real-time tracking on air cargo with a device accepted by individual air cargo carriers.  Air Integrity offers environmental sensor tracking for temperature, humidity, shock, tilt and light.

The device can be programmed to report on any interval, from 2 minutes up to once every 24 hours; however, in a recovery, the devices can be set to report as often as 1-2 minutes.  The reporting rate can be changed remotely by logging in to the SC iOn Command portal.  The user can receive email or text notifications as the cargo arrives, informing you of the cargo's departure, arrival and sensor notifications.

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Key Results

By utilizing a small GPS tracking device that can be hidden on any pallet of cargo or inside any box, the user can track air cargo in transit to its departure at the airport. The same device will provide real-time arrival notifications at the cargo's final destination, as well as sensor conditions while in the air.

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