About LoJack SCI


The LoJack® SCI Advantage

LoJack SCI solutions include the latest technology combined with a robust platform and a comprehensive 24/7 monitoring service providing complete real-time visibility from origin to destination regardless the mode of transportation. Our services eliminate gaps in coverage while goods are in transit, extends a layered approach to security and provide the convenience of integrated services currently being leveraged by most complex supply chain organizations.

We protect your brand along with your revenue by protecting that which matters most to you: cargo in transit and the performance of your supply chain.

LoJack SCI is the only truly integrated solution for supply chain protection from tracking, monitoring, and recovery to investigation and prevention.


Market Leadership

  • First to create and provide covert supply chain 24/7 monitoring based GPS tracking.

  • First to develop Law Enforcement data base tied to solution last known location.

  • First to monitor for Pharma companies.

  • First to use layered protection and unique RF beacon technology for “last mile location”.

  • First to collect supply chain incident intelligence reporting and integrate into shipping lane risk assessment for clients.

  • Entrusted by the National Council of Information Sharing & Analysis Center (ISAC), under the 1998 US    Presidential order to protect critical US infrastructure, to lead Supply Chain ISAC.



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