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Protect your supply chain with the most trusted name in recovery.

Today's supply chain is challenged by a number of issues relating to visibility, validation, performance, risk mitigation, and efficiency of cargo shipments.  These challenges have significant impact on revenue, customer satisfaction, and brand integrity, yet easily managed while in a static state.  However, what happens when your cargo is in transit?  

  • How are gaps identified and eliminated?
  • What happens when a deviation occurs?
  • Who responds on your behalf?
  • How do you validate business rules compliance?
  • Do you know the performance level?

​All of these questions can be answered when you engage LoJack Supply Chain Integrity to assist, manage, and support all aspects of supply chain integrity.  LoJack SCI provides a suite of services designed with your specific needs in mind.  With LoJack SCI… Stay Connected! Stay Visible! Stay Secure!

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